Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blondes and Brunettes

Clonie Gowen has thrown down the gauntlet. She has challenged that well-reputed poker ace, Paris Hilton, to a $100,000 match. Yawn. I'm guessing that's as cheap as you can buy Hilton publicity. The money will go to charity (if this stunt ever gets off the ground) which might be the only thing considered worthy in play. And yes, I realize you boyz might have high hopes here. But trust me, this won't end in a pj ripping girly pillow fight.

There is of course better news on the brunette front. First of all, Jen Leo has won a televised seat at the Poker Dome. Of course I'm still bristling about Jen taking my stack at the Blogger's Winter Classic; my QQ vs her K-Jo yada yada yada. So she better vindicate us by bringing home the big bucks on July 9th. [picture of Jen and Al Can't Hang]

Jen and I also have fantasized about doing our own wacky gossipy coverage of the WSOP. And well...we just went ahead and did it. Look for our "unusual" coverage (and I can't even predict what it might entail) at Breakfast Club Poker

Initially I thought I would like taking a week off of the WSOP. Last year I was so totally burned out by the end. But I'm really struggling here at the Outer Banks - even with this view from my house - about not being there.

I have a double edge sword issue for the radio show this week. Tom McEvoy has agreed to be our guest, provided he doesn't make it deep into the previous day's tournament. I really like Tom and I feel he has an unique perspective about the WSOP and the change and growth of poker over the past years. But surely I want him to make the money? I hate these ethical dilemmas.


Blogger Bill said...

Well, you sure dashed my hopes about the big Clonie/Paris pillow fight. I do note that you havent ruled out an 'Amy and Jen go wild on the Strip' video. My hopes are back up :)


10:48 PM  
Blogger PokerShrink said...

Ethical Dilemmas?

This is a blog and a poker blog at that. Now the lovely picture of Clonie and the cheap "only thing worthy in play" comment, now there is an ethical dilemma, which however can be resolved by making PETA the charity that gets the proceeds of the girl on girl table action but instead of giving them the cash, donate a mink coat.

Have I been in Vegas too long already?

7:06 PM  
Blogger amy said...

Well bill, I just never know what's going to happen when Jen's around. She's one wild and crazy gal. And pokershink, you obviously have not been in Vegas too long. You've just been sober in Vegas too long.

7:21 PM  
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