Sunday, June 04, 2006

Flashbacks, Escorts, and Seats. Oh My.

I see from the comments that my OZ reference triggered a dream flashback for bill. Wildbill is one of my trusted poker road buddies. While I never want him at my poker table, he is coveted company for drunken pai gow (dealers and pit bosses have formed an "I had bill at my table" support group), blackjack and baccarat. It seems bill had a disturbing dream where he was sweating me during an Omaha session. I was apparently garbed in blue gingham with requisite pigtails. I also had very very hairy legs, triggering another bill flashback to a past encounter with a pair of Swedish sisters. I'll let the pokershrink sort out the psychological implications.

But bill has bigger fish to fry this week as he is one of those unlucky Washington State online players. He has made a tidy little bankroll for himself over the years. And as bill is a solid citizen, the IRS has been a beneficiary of his online activities. Bill has now ceased online play per the new state law banning most online gaming.

I've never accused lawmakers of consistency, and apparently those in Washington State dodge that bullet with aplomb. Washington State has legal card rooms. Washington State will also continue to allow online horse wagering.

According to the Seattlepi, Washington State Gambling Commission Director Rick Day says they aren't targeting the online players, who now face felony charges, up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. (Imagine the penalties if they were going after online players) "Day said his priorities are to go after national and international promoters or operators based in Washington state -- and increasingly, to warn gamblers about the risks and illegality of the activity." Gosh. How many online sites are located in Washington State? Zero? And what's the probability that Washington State will either seek or successfully prosecute offshore online gaming establishments? Zero?

Frankly, I think the first state to legalize it, tax it, and regulate will be the biggest winner. Imagine the tax revenue, unique protection to its participating citizens, and the high tech jobs it would represent. Legalizing online would also level the playing field for B&M competitors, holding online enterprises to the same standards and tax liability.

As for bill, he has shown great imagination when it comes to vice. I'm sure he will survive.

My brother is a man of ritual; he has many in Vegas. One of them is collecting the escort cards handed out on the streets. He feels he is helping the local economy this way. He suspects that the mostly immigrant population gets paid by the card. These, after all, must be the "valuable jobs that many Americans won't perform" mentioned in the great immigration debate. Helping them achieve must be of value also.

Like the kids with their baseball cards in the movie Big, he walks down the street announcing, "Got it. Got it. Need it. Got it. Need it." At the end of the trip, he declares a winner, based on quantity. This year he had a conundrum. It seems one talented lass had eight cards; four cards under the name of Jenna and four under the name of Jenny. Samantha, at seven, was the next most prevalent. He wasn't sure of the scoring technicalities. The issue remains unresolved.

I got an email from Michael Craig last night to say he scored his $10,000 seat for the WSOP Championship event last night on Full Tilt. Right behind it was an email from Oliver Tse. Oliver had already won his main event seat, along with two preliminary event seats. Last night's note was to inform me that he made the televised final table at the National Poker League Tournament at Caesars. The final is played today and Oliver will start out second in chips. I understand that Tse will be wearing Full Tilt garb for the event. Good luck Oliver. And congrats Michael.

I am fast realizing that I should have spent less time looking for a WSOP writing gig and instead should have invested in a little qualification time. Although that would be yet another case of poker defeating the work ethic I suppose.


Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I'm 100% with you on the legalize online poker thing. I think we just need one state with some foresight to make the right move, and then others will follow, not wanting to allow one state to benefit at the expense of all the others.

And btw, there is still plenty of time to win that WSOP seat, Amy! Full tilt has a nightly Bracelet Race at 9pm ET for a $1500 WSOP event seat, and stars, party and full tilt all have fairly regular WSOP main event seats. There are so many WSOP qualifiers out there that it almost annoys someone like me, who is always out looking for the next MTT to play in.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Dang, I really hate to out myself as less kinky than Amy thinks but I have never had sisters of any nationality, and the hairy legged women in my past were Scottish, not Swedish. And lets be honest here, is there anything in the world LESS sexual than a low limit Omaha game?

9:05 AM  
Blogger bob said...

Scottish? Hairy Legs? Sure this wasnt really a scottish man in a kilt?

11:29 AM  
Blogger PokerShrink said...

Hmmmm, very interesting und alzo extremely arousing. Methinks hairsute frauleins will be a common theme uft des bloggings.

12:42 PM  
Blogger King David said...

Someone else we know won a seat to the big dance this year...

2:19 PM  

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